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Shrimp health monitoring made easy!

Traditional methods of monitoring have been labor-intensive and time-consuming, requiring the expertise of professionals. But what if you could simplify this process and put the power of monitoring in the hands of your everyday workers?

Complete biomass insights in one place

How it Works

Meet Sincere Aqua all-in-one solution for biomass insights

The solution works with or without internet connection

Sincere Counter

Sincere Probe

Sincere Mobile App


Total number of biomass in each pond 


Monitor shrimp health and growth rate

Food traceability enabled at farm level

Why Sincere Aqua

No more guessing. Data driven decisions are key for shrimp farming success 

Compound pelletised shrimp feed of black tiger prawn (P. monodon) in the hands of technici

Feed management

Optimize feeding, decrease water pollution and get a better growth rate with biomass estimation.

Overfeeding will lead to an increase in ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Chemicals that are a byproduct of organism waste and which will decrease the dissolved oxygen in your pond.


Underfeeding will lead to a poor growth rate, and shrimp are cannibals and will eat each other, which decreases the shrimp population in your pond.

Optimize pond stocking

By knowing the exact number of biomass going into a pond, you can now optimize your stocking density. ​To decrease the risk of under or over-stocking a pond.


When you know your biomass estimation, you gain more control and avoid unforeseeable things, such as not achieving the expected harvest due to understocking or poor growth rates because of overstocking.

Hand holding the Larval shrimp in a plastic bag. floating in a Shrimp pond.jpg

Monitor Biomass

Monitor the shrimp daily using the mobile app or probe. See the growth rates and better predict when it’s time to harvest a pond or adjust feeding schedules. Get alerts if any concerns are found through our alarm system. 

Keep track of the biomass in every pond of your farm forever. Go back and revisit old cycles and compare them to the current cycle. Check out every individual record, and look at differences in shrimp from past cycles to current.


From image storing to powerful biomass insights - Sincere Aqua has it all.

It's important to be transparent, that's why we reveal our plans for you. We'll make sure you're completely future-proofed when you choose Sincere Aqua.

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