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Precision farming is key for shrimp farming success

What our solution will do for you

Accurate pond stocking

Our shrimp counter uses advanced technology to accurately count shrimp, eliminating the need for manual counting, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. This ensures optimal stocking densities for your shrimp farm.

Reduced labor costs

By automating shrimp counting and biomass monitoring, our products help you save time and reduce labor expenses, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your shrimp farming business.


Real-time biomass monitoring

Our shrimp biomass monitoring probe provides instant data on the shrimp in your ponds, allowing you to make informed decisions about feeding rates, harvest times, and overall farm management.

Enhanced disease prevention

Early detection of changes in shrimp biomass can indicate potential health issues or disease outbreaks. By monitoring your shrimp population closely, our products enable you to take preventative measures and mitigate risks, ensuring the well-being of your shrimp and safeguarding your investment.

Improved feed management

With precise shrimp population and biomass data, you can optimize your feed distribution, minimizing waste and improving feed conversion ratios. This results in healthier shrimp, higher yields, and increased profits

Data-driven decision

Our shrimp counter and monitoring probe provide valuable data that can be easily integrated into your farm management software, enabling you to make informed, data-driven decisions to enhance productivity and optimize your shrimp farming operation.

How it Works

Meet Sincere Aqua all-in-one solution for biomass insights

The solution works with or without internet connection

Shrimp Counter SC-4K

Shrimp Counter

SP-1 Shrimp Monitoring Probe

Automatic Shrimp Monitoring Probe

(Coming later)

Sincere Aqua Wep App

Why Sincere Aqua

Data driven decision making 

Counting shrimp from nursery

Optimize pond stocking

By knowing the exact number of biomass going into a pond, you can now optimize your stocking density. ​To decrease the risk of under or over-stocking a pond.


When you know your biomass estimation, you gain more control and avoid unforeseeable things, such as not achieving the expected harvest due to understocking or poor growth rates because of overstocking.

Monitor Biomass
(Coming later)

Monitor the shrimp daily using our Sincere Probe. See the growth rates and better predict when it’s time to harvest a pond or adjust feeding schedules. Get alerts if any health concerns are found through our alarm system. 

Keep track of the biomass in every pond of your farm forever. Go back and revisit old cycles and compare them to the current cycle. Check out every individual record, and look at differences in shrimp from past cycles to current.

SP-1 Shrimp Monitoring Probe

From image storing to powerful biomass insights - Sincere Aqua has it all.

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