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About us

Welcome to Sincere Aqua, a company dedicated to bringing precision farming to the shrimp farming industry. At Sincere Aqua, we understand that the shrimp farming industry faces many challenges, including environmental issues, disease outbreaks, and market competition. That's why we have developed cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to help shrimp farmers achieve higher yields, reduce costs, and increase profitability.


Our team consists of experts in the fields of aquaculture, engineering, and data science who work tirelessly to develop and improve our precision farming systems. We believe that precision farming is the key to sustainable shrimp farming and that by adopting our technology, farmers can produce healthier and more profitable shrimp while minimizing their environmental impact.

Meet our Team

Fridi Sincere Aqua
Fridi Mellemgaard
+45 60 37 82 66
Gustav Sincere Aqua
Gustav Stæhr
+45 27 62 61 53
Martin Sincere Aqua
Martin Johansen
Head of Commercial Operations
+45 53 58 56 93
Bergur Sicnere Aqua
Bergur Clementsen
Head of Finance and Administration 
Casper Stæhr
Software Engineer

Our Board

Keld Søndergaard
Michael Houghton-Larsen
Lars Lisander

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