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About us

Welcome to Sincere Aqua! Here, we're passionate about providing shrimp farmers with precision farming. By addressing major challenges such as correct stocking density and shrimp monitoring with our innovative technology, we're here to support shrimp farmers in increasing their yields, reducing costs, and improving profitability—all in a friendly and collaborative way.


Our Mission: Building Technology That Makes Shrimp Farming
Scalable and Profitable

We're convinced that leveraging technology and data is the key to scaling shrimp farming effectively. By adopting these tools, shrimp farms can not only achieve higher profitability but also be more sustainable.

Our Story

In 2020, founders Fridi and Gustav set out to establish Denmark's first shrimp farm. However, they encountered a significant hurdle: the absence of technology necessary for scaling the farm to a profitable level made the business unviable. Leveraging their technology expertise and strong industry connections, they pivoted to develop the technology that would enable other shrimp farms to scale and enhance profitability. This customer-centric approach—listening to farmers' needs and then crafting the technology to meet those needs—remains our guiding principle today.


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