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Shrimp biomass estimation

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Enabling Precision Farming - The Key To Shrimp Farming Success

At Sincere Aqua, we understand that the cornerstone of successful shrimp farming lies in efficient and precise management practices. Our latest technological innovation in shrimp counting is designed not only to enhance productivity but also to promote sustainable farming methods. By integrating our advanced counting solutions, shrimp farmers can now achieve unmatched accuracy in stock assessment, leading to improved decision-making and optimal resource utilization.

​Knowing your stocking density has great benefits

Increased Production

Optimizing stocking density based on the initial biomass stocking can result in improved growth rates, survival rates, and overall production performance.

Cost Savings

Optimal stocking density can save costs by preventing overstocking or understocking. This ensures each shrimp gets the right amount of feed, avoiding overfeeding or underfeeding.

Disease Prevention

By maintaining an optimal stocking density based on initial biomass, the risk of disease outbreaks can be minimized, reducing the need for costly treatments or interventions.

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The shrimp counter streamlines the shrimp counting process from nursery to grow-out ponds with remarkable efficiency and guarantees above 95% accuracy.

The SC-4K shrimp counter has a speed of 200.000 shrimp per hour.

It takes less than 5 minutes to setup and start using the shrimp counter.

​Over 90% accuracy in all cases and over 95% in optimal condition.

​Counts shrimp between 0.1g and 5g.

SC-4K Shrimp Counter

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