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Sincere Cloud

Biomass Health Monitoring

You can keep track of the health of every pond and cycle, with imagery of shrimps from every pond its easy to keep track of and investigate health problems. Get alerts when a pond needs investigation or is clearly infected.

Easy image sharing with 3rd party experts

Need an expert opinion on the look of your shrimp? We make it easy to send pictures to whomever you want. All you need is to copy the link that belongs to the picture you would like to share and send it to them.

Mobile Application

The Mobile Application has a few different roles. It is used to manage all devices from Sincere Aquaculture. You can also use the mobile app to take pictures of shrimp for health analysis, disease detection and size estimation.

Shrimp Disease Detection

We have partnered with DTU Aqua (Technical University of Denmark) to produce a shrimp disease detection system. Combining their expert knowledge and our models powered by AI and computer vision. We will be able to detect diseases in shrimp. Additionally, we are aiming to detect early indicators of diseases.

Harvest Prediction

Our system will provide you with an estimation of when you can expect to be able to harvest. Using data from your previous cycles and combined with the growth rate, we will be able to predict when the shrimp will be at a size big enough for harvest.

Feeding Schedule Advisement

Based on information gathered from our probe, we can advise on when is the most optimal time to feed and create a feeding schedule based on the historical data.

Growth Prediction

Through current data and historical data, we can predict the growth of the shrimp look a week, a month or several months into the future and plan your partial harvest, or harvest schedule from this.

Stress Level Detection

Stress can impact your farm in many ways. Therefore, we want to provide you with accurate data, that looks for signs of the shrimp being stressed. We want to react as quickly as possible, and for that reason we will look at early signs of stress. Then you can always stay one step ahead.

Size & Weight Monitoring

Keeping a track of the size of your shrimp is key. We want to make this as easy as taking a picture with your phone, and then you get an estimate. This will then be added to the current and historical data of the pond.

Offline Mode

Our products work online as well as offline. We know that internet access is not always possible. So, we have made sure, that you can use our products offline. The Mobile App works a data collection device, so you can collect the data with the app from the devices, just by being near and then upload them to the cloud when you’re in a place with an internet connection.

Sincere Counter

Counting Accuracy Above 95%

Our shrimp counter will count with an accuracy of above 95% if all conditions are met. This is done with a flow-through method, so the shrimp are taken on a waterslide through the counter and then being counted, before being let into a new tank and pond, so you know exactly how much you’re stocking.

Biomass Size & Weight Estimation

As the shrimp flow through the counter, additional images will be taken to estimate the size and weight of the shrimp. Not only will you know how many you have, but also how big they are.

Biomass Analysis

High resolution pictures will be taken of the shrimp to analyze the pigmentation, to see early disease and stress indicators.

Sincere Probe

Coming in 2023 Q4

The Sincere Probe is a device that automatically monitors shrimp in a pond. Checks for early disease indicators, stress indicators and size estimations. The Sincere Probe can either be connected to the internet/4g or work offline as a data collection tool in conjunction with our Mobile App.

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